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Elisha Van Harte, MSW, RSW

Finding the Peace in Wild Things

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Guelph, Ontario

Therapy for Professional Development

All of us enter our professional careers full of energy, optimism and a will to make a contribution. However most of us at some point in our career trajectory begin to feel tired, disillusioned and burnt out. Most often this comes as a result of the work environment demanding more from its employees without providing the structural and emotional support to sustain them; self care is falling more and more to the responsibility of the individual. And yet how are we supposed to do this while balancing the other needs in our life: partners, children, parents, friends etc.

There is another way in which you can care for your self, nurture your self, and develop an awareness so that creative solutions can be found, without it adding to your already busy day. I provide a program for professionals that helps them become attuned to the values, beliefs and patterns that contribute to their burnout. It is a 16 week program based on Viola Fodor's Life Process Transformation™ which guides clients to develop inner awareness and true reflection, in turn transforming the way in which you work in your personal and professional lives. By investing in your self, you reconnect with your passion, your energy; 

renew your commitment to your career while learning how to not lose or compromise your self in the process.

This program is offered in small group environments or individual sessions.

If you are looking for ways in which to improve your own clinical competence, please visit By Clinical Design, or look at the following tab for more information. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

By Clinical Design™ also offers mental health clinicians ways in which to further their professional development. Connect to By Clinical Design below.

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